What is ‘A valuable lesson’?

Norwegians have never been so well off, yet there are many who struggle with financial problems and high consumer debt. Unpaid debt among young people currently amounts to more than NOK 1 billion. Living in one of the richest countries in the world seems to have made Norwegians less aware of how to manage their money sensibly.

Consequently, many Norwegian children and young people are growing up without a basic understanding of financial matters. We also know that children and young people tend to inherit their parents’ financial attitudes. How can we ensure that the younger generations of today do not end up in a spending trap?

Do you know someone who could teach Norwegians about personal finance?

‘A valuable lesson’ is the name of a free digital teaching program whose aim is to give children a basic understanding of money, income and spending, their own rights relating to money and good saving habits.

Surveys show that Norwegians are not as good at planning their personal finances as people who live in other countries. We have therefore selected three European countries: Sweden, Spain and Poland, where the inhabitants know a lot about managing money. We wish to recruit families from these countries to show Norwegians how to live within their means in the best way possible.

We are therefore looking for families with children aged 10-11 (fifth grade) from Sweden, Poland and Spain, who can teach Norwegian children and young people the value of money. The families do not have to be particularly rich or poor, but it is important that they are good at budgeting, planning what they spend and save.

A team from ‘A valuable lesson’ will visit the families who are selected, so that Norwegians can get to know them through videos and texts on lærepenger.no. The families will be given compensation for the couple of days they won’t be able to work, and their own computer.

If you know a family who could teach Norwegians about personal finance, please get in touch with us by filling out the registration form!